Volunteers United

Volunteers United

Welcome to Volunteers United, United Way of Hancock County’s volunteer center. Whether you’re a first-time volunteer, a seasoned pro looking for more places to help, are interested in corporate or group volunteering, want to serve on a local board or committee, no matter if you’re 15 or 85, we’ve got you covered.

The goal of Volunteers United is to be a hub for volunteering in the community, a one-stop-shop where we can match you with a volunteering opportunity that best fits your goals, skills and passions. The exciting thing about volunteering is that your help truly makes a difference in other people’s lives and strengthens our community - but you also come away learning new skills, meeting new people, and feeling good.

Register with Volunteers United if you'd like to discuss your volunteering goals and passions. We'll help you find a great place to start.

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